All About the Music

When people come together to share the common interest of music and dance something magical happens.  The energies can be so uplifting that lives have been transformed on the dance floor.  What saddens me is that this beautiful scene is sometimes tainted with the darkness of discrimination.  People are often judged, laughed at, bullied, inappropriately touched and questioned while trying to get into a dance venue.

This site is dedicated to evaluating the discrimination levels at various venues and parties on the East Coast and around the world.  Taking a scientific approach we will provide each party and venue with a ranking.  Each element of the club/party experience will be evaluated from the initial invite through the entire process of getting in, the DJ, the crowd, the bartender etc.  We will experiment with clothing, make-up, accessories and hair to see if changing these impact the experience.  We will also evaluate the treatment of people of various ethnic backgrounds and names.  Does profiling happen at the door to private clubs and venues?  Have you been a victim of this and not really known if there was anything you could do?

For musicians and DJs unity through music has been a common long-standing theme.  The message is clear however the practice often times doesn’t match the message.  This project was birthed from a personal experience and we are committed to helping to change the culture from a judgmental one to a welcoming one.